Devi is the conscious force that moves the universe. The principle creator of existence, the powerful feminine energy that generates the infinite forms of the manifested cosmos. The Devi® brand created in 2002  of yoga practice and the need to wear beautiful and comfortable clothes, without losing style. The brand is a pioneer in the line of Yoga and Pilates clothes that unites safety and comfort with healthy lifestyle turned inward growth and well estar. Thais Couto, designer and yogini,  is ahead of the brand and directs dearly love and dedication. With a focus on high quality and performance of products followed with Devi investing in high standard of materials and durability. Currently has several lines, but two stand out Active and Comfort. Active line targeting practice of physical activities such as Yoga and Pilates. Has differentiated and intelligent design represented by the special models and technology in finishes and construction of parts providing security and freedom of movement. The more casual Comfort line is geared for the day day, leisure or work done with style and with the same assumptions of quality and comfort of the active. Beachwear still has a line of high standard, line of accessories that help in the practice of Yoga such as pillows, rugs and bags and a special line of T-shirts Devi made with intelligent, organic and ecological meshes have beautiful unique prints. Focused on developing products of "good" to provide "good" Devi became a reference in Active and yogawear Fashion in Brazil and worldwide..



The main lines of the Devi products.
Active: has a unique combination of cuts that are molded to the body producing comfort and protects the muscles to enhance physical activity. They are made in prime supplex and high quality and performance and the colors follow the themes of each appropriate season collection. Main products: overalls, pants, tank tops, shorts and tops.
Inputs: suplex wire lycra with UV50 + high quality and resistance, microfiber polyamide, technological drys, and organic cotton knits.
Comfort: ideal for use in day to day and in all types of activities that require freedom of movement. The Comfort line is made with light fabrics and its premises quality, comfort, fluidity enhancing the elegance and style. In addition, we develop exclusive prints inspired by the yogic symbology and your lifestyle, made of mesh PET, OrgaThe main lines of the Devi products.
nic and Ecological.
Main products: suits, dresses, blouses, shirts, tank tops, pants, shorts, jackets and coats.
Inputs: several.
Social Responsibility
As a reference in Yoga clothes, environmental responsibility becomes necessarily present on the day of the company in internal actions and external to the company:
-Reciclamos Our waste and make compost,
-We Do the planting of native trees at each end of collection.
-Evitamos Unnecessary discards;
- The exclusivimante patchwork donated to artisans and institutions that make crafts and reintegradores.
-Part Of the income of Yoga calendars are always revert to city institutions.
The Devi created a project "Plant a tree, make your Orchard" to two years that is success. Sending to your customers "little seeds" of fruit trees native with each application with instructions for planting and maintenance changes.
-The Devi also supports the Brazilian Vegetarian Society, manufacturing and reselling the shirts of the campaign "Meatless Monday".
· The Devi works with over 95% of their originally Brazilian inputs in order to enhance and contribute to the development of companies that produce, employ and generate income to improve the quality of life in our country.
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